REMICS participation at KKIO 2013



REMICS was participating at 15th KKIO – Polish Conference on Software Engineering will take place from 18th to 20th September 2013 in Szczecin, Poland (

T. Straszak, M. Śmiałek, “Acceptance test generation based on detailed use case models”, Polish Software Engineering Conference (KKIO), to be published as a book chapter, 2013.


Tests performed in order to verify compliance of a software system with customer expectations cover different areas. Some of them verify the functionality, other – the business domain logic, the non-functional characteristics or the user interface. Usually they are done separately, but on the same functional areas. This paper presents the concept for the Requirements Driven Software Testing (ReDSeT) tool, which allows for automatic integrated test generation based on different types of requirements. Tests are expressed in newly introduced Test Specification Language (TSL). The basis for functional test generation are detailed use case models. Furthermore, by combining different types of requirements, relations between tests are created. The constructed tool acknowledges validity of the presented concept.