REMICS participation at PMDE 2013



REMICS was participating at Third Workshop on Process-based approaches for Model-Driven Engineering - PMDE'2013 (

The REMICS model-driven process for migrating legacy applications to the cloud: Marcos Almeida (Softeam)


With the advent of cloud computing platforms, many companies are studying the migration of legacy applications to the cloud. The main difficulty in dealing with such system is the obsolescence, either due to the dependency on an obsolete platform, incomplete/incorrect documentation or using an inappropriate architecture for the cloud. The FP7 project REMICS (Reuse and Migration of legacy applications to Interoperable Cloud Services) intends to provide a model-driven approach to extract valuable information from existing code and automating the refactoring of old code into cloud enabled architectures. In order to do so, REMICS proposes a process based on three steps: Recovery, Migration and Deployment. The work to be performed during each step is partially automated by the tools developed in the project. This presentation is going to focus on the description of the process and its associated tools and on our experience in applying the process in an industrial case study.