REMICS participation at ITICSE 2013



REMICS was participating at the 17th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education  (

 J. Börstler, L. Kuźniarz, C. Alphonce, W. Sanders and M. Śmialek, "Teaching software modeling in computing curricula", in Proceedings of the final reports on Innovation and technology in computer science education 2012 working groups (ITiCSE-WGR '12). ACM, 2012

DOI: 10.1145/2426636.2426640


Modeling is a key skill in software development. The ability to develop, manipulate and understand models of software is therefore an important learning objective in many CS/SE courses. In this working group, we want to investigate how (software) modeling is and should be taught to help us better understand the key issues in teaching (software) modeling.