REMICS participation at WASDeTT 2013



REMICS was participating at 4th International Workshop on Academic Software Development Tools and Techniques (

Kamil Rybiński, Sławomir Blatkiewicz, Norbert Jarzębowski, Wiktor Nowakowski, Michał Śmiałek, “TALE: Tool for Application Logic Extraction”, WASDeTT Workshop, 2013, 12 pages.


Developing a new software system based on legacy software can be quite hard and labor-intensive. The main issue is to preserve the essential application and business logic { normally resolved in a manual process. The presented tool suite automates capturing essential knowledge on the application logic of legacy systems by recording their observable behaviour. The recovered knowledge is represented with use case scenarios having precise sentences describing user-system interactions. The tool suite has a heterogeneous architecture and is composed of several Eclipse-based applications. The central idea is to use a standard test automation system to capture test scripts and then translate them into constrained natural language scenarios that are machine processable. This allows for further automatic transformations even down to code. The paper presents the tool design details and experience gained during its development.