REMICS participation at ECMFA 2013



REMICS was participating at European Conference on Software Architecture,  This Demos and posters session will be held in Polytech'Montpellier in conjunction with the three co-located conferences (ECMFA, ECOOP and ECSA)

M. Śmiałek, W. Nowakowski, N. Jarzębowski, K. Rybiński, S. Blatkiewicz, "Requirements-level migration of legacy systems", Proceedings of the Joint Track "Tools, Demos, and Posters" of ECOOP, ECSA, and ECMFA, 2013, pp. 29-32, ISBN: 978-87-643-1188-4


Novel software development technologies introduce significant changes in system design, delivery and usage patterns. For many legacy applications it means that their further development becomes infeasible due to obsolescence of technologies they use. There thus arises the need for tools supporting automated migration of legacy systems into new paradigms. In this demonstration we will show such a tool suite. Its most important characteristic is that it operates at the level of stories (scenarios) traditionally produced during requirements speciffcation. The tools highly support extracting knowledge about the functioning of legacy applications and storing them in the form of precise requirement-level models. What is more, the tools enable automated transformation of these models into object-oriented code, compliant with new system structure. In the demonstration we present a recovery engine, a requirements-level editor and a transformation engine in the context of a case study example.